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The Chief

Trite Trophy Winners


Read archives of Gene Collier's nationally recognized annual "Trite Trophy" Column dishonoring the worst cliche of the year in sports.

2013 -- Going Forward.

2012 -- Take A Shot Down The Field.

2011 -- Are You Kidding Me?

2010 -- At the End of the Day.

2009 -- Dial Up a Blitz.

2008 -- Manage the Game.

2007 -- They're Very Physical.

2006 -- It is what it is (again).

2005 -- It is what it is.

2004 -- Shutdown corner.

2003 -- Cover 2

2002 -- Running downhill.

2001 -- Put points on the scoreboard.

2000 -- Walk-off homer.

1999 -- Somebody's gotta step up.

1998 -- Eight men in the box.

1997 -- Show me the money.

1996 -- Been there, done that.

1995 -- West coast offense.

1994 -- Red zone.

1993 -- It hasn't sunk in yet

1992 -- Mentality of a linebacker.

1991 -- You don't have to be a rocket scientist.

1990 -- Smashmouth football.

1989 -- He coughs it up.

1988 -- They went to the well once too often.

1987 -- Gutcheck.

1986 -- Crunch Time.

1985 -- Throwback.

1984 -- Playin' 'em one game at a time.


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About Gene Collier

Gene Collier has written sports, politics, and media criticism in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia for more than 30 years and has twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, losing spectacularly both times.

He has a journalism degree from Penn State. Gene has been a popular guest on area radio stations including the WDVE Radio's Morning Show, delivering his comical views on Pittsburgh and its sports teams

Gene's comedy lampoons family life, media culture, music, sports, and politics.

Gene’s writing popularity has led into a secondary career as a stand-up comic and corporate speaker.


Gene Collier in the News

** Gene Collier is "one of the best, and most underrated, sports columnists in America." --Peter King, Sports Journalist (Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports)

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Upcoming Appearances



LIVE PERFORMANCE - ”Remote Control/E.D. Commercials”


WDVE RADIO - ”NFL Mock Draft Story”

"The Two-Minute Warning" w/Gene Collier

DVD RELEASE - ”Gene Collier Co-Writer of The Chief Movie”

"The Chief"

Gene is co-author, with Rob Zellers, of the one-man play "The Chief" starring Tom Atkins and based on the life of Arthur J. Rooney. "The Chief" is the most successful production in the distinguished history of the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. Reproduced in print for the first time, the work is complemented by photographs of Rooney, his family, and members of the Steelers, along with scenes from the standout performance of actor Tom Atkins, who has embodied the role since the play's inception.

"The Chief is absolutely wonderful. The dialogue is phenomenal."
- Tunch Ilkin, former Steelers offensive lineman and current Steelers radio analyst

"In The Chief, Rob Zellers and Gene Collier have succeeded in turning Steelers' owner Art Rooney from legend to man and then back to legend again-and in so doing, they have captured what made him and his hometown so great-authenticity, toughness, heart, and humor."

- Carl Kurlander, University of Pittsburgh, Visiting Distinguished Senior Lecturer; screenwriter (St. Elmo's Fire, My Tale of Two Cities)
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